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Our Classes

We are London’s first dedicated Power Yoga studio, offering over 50 classes per week for yogis and yoginis at all levels of practice.

It doesn’t matter how fit you are, how old you are, or how flexible. The yoga we teach is not about learning to put your feet behind your ears, it’s about learning to love and look after the body you’ve been given. It’s about challenging your limits, both mentally and physically and learn to breathe through it.

Power Yoga is so much more than a just a physical workout – that’s why it’s so addictive. Not only will Power Yoga help you achieve a beautiful body but it will also help to develop a beautiful mind. It allows us to find peace in the hurly-burly of urban life and become a calmer, healthier, and happier person.

Each class is independently sequenced by our teachers, offering varied, fun, and dynamic classes that will keep you on your toes. At the Power Yoga Company we passionately believe that Power Yoga is for everyone.

Although our classes are challenging, they are also rewarding. With regular practice you will make rapid progress and we’re certain that you will soon begin to feel the benefits of power yoga in all areas of your life.

We’re confident you’ll love Power Yoga as much as we do – see you on the mat!

You can find our schedule here:

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