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The top reasons your teen should start yoga

January 29, 2016

You’ve seen the advantages, or at least you’ve heard about them, a regular yoga can offer considerable benefits to one’s body, mind and soul. Considering all the benefits of yoga, surely it must also be beneficial to our stressed out teenagers?

It sure is.

Results from a recent study published by Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics validates that yoga does have a positive effect on teenagers, and what’s even better, they seem to enjoy it too!

Dina, a current participant at our TPYC’s teen classes, explains that she now has better self-awareness and stress reduction techniques. “I have only done 4 yoga classes, but it has already helped me at school. I have learnt a breathing technique… I think its called the “Ujjayi” breath, that really helps me when I’m stressed at school” she says.


Teen yoga pic


Another study attributes the benefits of teenage yoga to 5 key reasons, those being:

  • The obvious benefits of a regular physical activity including key strength gains
  • Increased body awareness and self acceptance
  • Reduced anxiety as a result from better stress coping mechanisms
  • Helps to build social connections amongst peers
  • Finally, perhaps more a positive for parents, but it gives assured time away from technology/gadgets.

So why are so many parents apprehensive or reluctant about recommending yoga to their teens? Interestingly, we found the general consensus to be that most parents believe yoga is either too slow, boring or their child just wouldn’t like it… but this couldn’t be a greater assumption! As stated earlier, it has been proven that most teenagers (well at least in the UK) actually enjoy their yoga practise. As Dina confirms “I really like yoga. It’s different to all my other sports (rowing), in yoga they give you 10 minutes’ time to relax completely at the end… it’s so nice”. Albeit, yoga is not for everyone… but with all the stated benefits it’s certainly worth a try!

For anyone interested in our teen yoga program, we have a regular teen class (ages 12-17 years) Thursday’s from 5:15-6:15pm. We also have many other classes for younger children from 5 years of age and older.

Last words from Dina, “If you feel apprehensive or nervous before starting yoga, don’t worry I was as too, just speak to the ladies at TPYC and you’ll soon feel really welcomed into the studio.”

In health and happiness,

The TPYC team


For more information on the classes, or to register, please call reception on 0207 736 4429, or by email at  

Special thanks to Dina for her contribution

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