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Yoga Will Save the World: Starting from our studio!

December 13, 2013

When Rebecca left her job at an innovation consultancy and ‘hot-footed’ it over to Byron Bay to do a yoga training course, she found herself sketching little yogis in various postures  in order to remember the sequences and poses. After impressing her fellow students and teachers, she was commissioned by some of them to make mini-prints of their favourite asana. Six months later and back in London, Rebecca printed twenty back vests with little golden head-standing yogis. And from there, her growing range of yoga wear was born!

Yoga Will Save the World

Yoga Will Save the World is the clothes and gift shop based in Brixton, London which serves as Rebecca’s HQ. There she does everything from sketching cheeky-looking yogis with their strong and supple limbs to organising screen-printing on environmentally-conscious clothes and gifts. As Rebecca says, ‘When the order come in it’s me who posts them out to folks around the world.’

Raglan Twenties top from Yoga Will Save the World

This Raglan 1920’s organic jumper will the perfect Christmas gift…for yourself as well 😉

Each run of clothing is a limited edition which, Rebecca adds, keeps her creative and makes everything she produces that little bit more special. All of the fabrics used are organic, either cotton or bamboo, and all screen prints are done with environmentally-friendly links. With the success of the brand, YWSTW is now stocked in yoga studios around London, Paris as well as Brisbane.

Yoga Will Save the World bags

Yoga Will Save the World, one colourful bag at a time! Come and get on for Christmas!

It’s an interesting and captivating name and, Rebecca says, makes her smile. ‘I thought I sounded a bit cheeky and fun but also, for those who practice yoga, perhaps rings true.’ She explains that it was the head-teacher at Bryon Yoga who would often say that maybe one day, yoga would save the world, which inspired her to adopt it as the name.

Yoga Will Save the World 2014 calendar

Get the Yoga Will Save the World 2014 calendar at The Power Yoga Studio

In keeping with this ideal, she looks for inspiration everywhere for her designs and offers by way of example an unlikely source. ‘Recently,’ she says, ‘I needed to print a new run of tees and raglans and I had just watched the Great Gatsby. My husband suggested I do a 1920’s yogi. I loved the idea. For me, yoga is meant to be playful and fun as well as a deeply meditative practice. I want my designs to reflect the sense of fun in yoga.’ With the 1920’s tees and raglans selling quickly Rebecca is now looking around for some new inspiration for the next print run. ‘I have an idea, she says, ‘about yogis in virabhadrasana wearing huge Indian feathered headdresses.’

Yoga Will Save the World mirrors

We don’t encourage vanity but in using these mirrors, Yoga Will Save the World.

All the ‘Yoga Will Save the World’ products displayed above are available now in The Power Yoga Company’s lovely new shop and café area. So pop in as soon as you can, and pick a few items up after your next practice. Rebecca will be in the café every now and again so please do say hi or, if you have any ideas for yogi designs you’d like to see printed on clothes or gifts, tell her! We’re sure she’d love to hear it! Otherwise contact her through Facebook or the YWSTW website.

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