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Power Yoga with Aram Raffy – Join us and contribute to Room to Read

December 3, 2013

Power Yoga with Aram Raffy – Join us and contribute to Room to Read

This Saturday the 7th of December The Power Yoga Co instructor Aram Raffy will be leading a special Power Yoga Flow. Taking place between 14:30 and 15:45, this session will provide the perfect mid-weekend workout. Open to everyone – as long as you sign up in time! – this special session is taking place in aid of Room to Read. With no set price, donations will be accepted for participation with all proceeds going to the good work that this wonderful charity performs across Asia and Africa.

Aram Raffy

Aram Raffy will be guiding this weekend’s Yoga Benefit.

Room to Read is a non-profit organisation which focuses on literacy and gender equality in education. It works in collaboration with communities and and local governments across some of the poorest parts of Asia and Africa in order to foster growth in literacy skills and engender a habit of reading among primary school children. It also seeks to increase the number of girls completing secondary education.

Room to Read Nepal

Room to Read believes that change in the world begins with education; specifically the education of children. It functions on the principle that if there is to be any hope of improving the lives of millions across Africa and Asia, then its children must be provided with a means to pursue a quality education that will, in turn, enable them to reach their potential and contribute to their community as well as the world at large.

Room to Read runs two programs concurrently.

The first enables primary school children to become independent readers by focusing on the development of reading skills and building a habit of reading in primary-school aged children. Literacy, it holds, and rightly so, is the foundation of all future learning. Through the establishment of school libraries, publishing original children’s books in local languages and constructing child-friendly classrooms staffed by educators with the appropriate training and resources, it hopes to build rates of literacy for the future.

Room to Read Nepal

The second program focuses on Girls education  by providing them with the key skills required to negotiate life’s key decisions. The transition to secondary school is where the gender gap begins to open up, and it is there where Room to Read works to create more girl-friendly school environments through financial support and all-round life support.

For more information click through to Room to Read; and to participate in the workshop this Saturday the 7th of December just go to

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