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Teacher Profile: Kim Peacock

November 16, 2011

Kim Peacock Power Yoga Teacher
I started my exploration into the art of yoga in 2001. I discovered the immense physical, mental and energetic benefits of yoga and was inspired to train to become a teacher at The Sivananda Yoga Vedanta, Bahamas in 2004. I then went on to study (The Mini Teacher Training) with The Power Yoga company and continue my path as a student with various teachers from an array of traditions. I currently teach throughout London and Surrey, fusing Hatha postures with Vinyasa flow, dynamic and Power Yoga styles, always synchronising the breath with movement. I believe yoga is accessible to everyone and I teach with the understanding that every student is unique in their practice and try to ensure that every student connects with their own innate potential. My approach is fun, interactive, challenging and calming.

Why did you start yoga?

I was a Fitness Instructor for several years and hence studied anatomy, physiology and the intelligence of movement. I started to look for something deeper – a way to transcend physical intelligence to a deeper level of intelligence. I found ‘The New Book of Yoga’ – The Sivananda Yoga Centre, in my local library and first became intrigued by the philosophy of yoga. I then stumbled upon a quote by Swami Sivananda ‘An ounce of practice is better than tons of theory’ so, I attended a few classes and the effects were immense – physically, energetically and mentally. I felt liberated.

Yoga connects me to my most authentic self. I leave a yoga class feeling like I am more in touch with my body and mind; stronger both physically and mentally; harmonised, balanced and stress-free.

What’s your tip of the moment?

A good teacher knows that every student is unique and does not prescribe one method for all. A good teacher is in tune with all of his/her students’ needs, is flexible, compassionate and above all realises he/she too is a student.

Wheel pose power yoga

"I feel so liberated in this pose. Wheel opens me up to the future and new possibilities, but above all it is incredibly energising and feels wonderful.

What’s your favourite pose and why?

My current favourite pose is Wheel; I feel so liberated in this pose. Wheel opens me up to the future and new possibilities, but above all it is incredibly energising and feels wonderful.

What do you think makes a good yoga teacher?

Be true to yourself and your practice, to your physical and energetic needs. The body and mind change day by day. Don’t get stuck; be flexible and open about your practice and simply enjoy how

What other passions do you have?

I love all forms of dance, from belly dance to ballet, as well as music, poetry, film and food! Anything that reminds me of my true nature.

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  1. mimmo permalink
    August 28, 2012 4:32 pm

    Kim, you ‘re fantastic when you came in Bari?

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